Woman charged with animal cruelty in puppy’s death

Danielle Graham, a 21 year old Los Angeles woman was booked on 26 February 2010 with felony count of cruelty to animal and injuring a police officer on patrolling duty at Hawthorne. Graham was immediately arrested, while she along with her boyfriend, Hakeem Funtua, 24, of Inglewood, struggled and pepper-sprayed, when they tried to injure the officer after the crime.

The incident occurred when the Hawthorne police officer was patrolling the area of 130th Street and Prairie Avenue at around 1 p.m. The police officer noticed a woman was pulling the pit bull by the chain attached to its collar mercilessly and within no time, the puppy was thrown into the ongoing traffic on Prairie Avenue.

The initial investigation revealed that the affected puppy belonged to Graham’s boyfriend and two were arguing on the street when in a fit of rage she grabbed the puppy and thrown it into the moving traffic. Puppy died instantaneously.

Cruelty towards animal
Animal cruelty is a serious crime because it involves hurting a defenseless animal. It is a pity that Graham lost her temper and forgot that she is indulging in a crime, towards an animal. She intentionally and deliberately harmed the animal. She does the crime with malicious intent. According to a Criminal Defense Attorney in Orange County California, animal cruelty is stated in section 597 of the penal code. If proved guilty the sentence for animal cruelty can be imprisonment or fine up to $ 20,000 or both. If you are charged with animal cruelty, call an experienced criminal defense attorney right away to assist you.

Rick Chase


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