Beware – Dog Owners who put their ferocious animals on street

If you are an owner of dog and your dogs are causing havoc around by biting or intimidating the passer-by beware.  Two dog owners are being charged with seven felony counts for owning ferocious animals.  According to news report appeared in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin two dog owners namely Jose Antonio Lopez Gonzalez, 49 and Judith Mendez Lopez, 55 were charged for possessing dangerous animals that caused great havoc when they bite and critically injured 5-year old Destiny Colon and her sibling.  The incident occurred in a neighborhood park at Tokay Avenue near Arrow Highway, when Destiny’s mother was walking with her children, suddenly five pit bull mixes after escaping from their yard and attacked the family.  The dog was immediately shot dead by the police officer at the venue. It has now been more than a month police is still investigating the case, they are checking into the animal’s other unreported assaults, they have to compare the marks before taking action in bite cases.

This attack is one of the horrible Southern Californian dog attacks happened without any provocation or warning involving children who were seriously mauled without having their fault.  They were seriously injured in such a way that their ribs were broken and lungs were punctured and had to put on ventilator for breathing.  The wounds of the children can possibly be covered with plastic surgery, in which case the defendent would have to pay for as well as attorney fees for the criminal defense attorney in San Clemente.

According to California’s Civil Code Section 3342 states, the owner of dog could be held responsible for the injuries caused and are liable to pay damages to the suffered persons bitten by the dog in public or lawfully private place.


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