California State DNA databank sets a record

It is the duty of the law enforcement officials to convict a detained person who has been arrested in a crime. For this purpose they have to collect the DNA of the detained person to prove his/her guilt. Harry Levine, a professor of Sociology at City University of New York has rightly said that the sole aim of preparing DNA databases is to deal with violent sexual crimes and homicides, but as the time passed by more and more crimes is being added to the database.  Till date F.B.I has a DNA database of around 6.7 million profiles, the said database is set to increase with every New Year from the present 80,000 new entries to 1.2 million by 2012. According to an attorney in San Juan Capistrano during the month of March the California DNA databank was able to match the profile of 2,000 criminals; the figure has set a record of sort during the month of March when it matched around 400 profiles. Otherwise the there are 300 matches a month from the database but the number shoot up to 405 during March, Brown revealed.  In California the DNA databank was launched during 1994 and till date it has 1.5 million DNA samples are there and almost 25,000 DNA profiles are added every month.  According to Rock Harmon, a former prosecutor for Alameda County, Calif., no doubt the database could contain the record of innocent person in the case as well, but in the end it won’t match from the crime scene sample match. The point is clear, if you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about, Harmon added.


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