A dead rat helped woman, get jail, probation

Sometimes making quick bucks through fraudulent practices can land a person in dilemma.  The same case happened with an Appleton woman named Debbie Miller, who tried to extort $500,000 from a reputed and chic Grand Chute restaurant through corrupt practices.  A defense attorney in San Clemente while sentencing remarked the incident as “crazy and outlandish”.  Miller, 43 got a super idea to make quick money when she planted a rat in her lunch on April 17, 2008.  She demanded money from the restaurant for keeping quiet and alerting the media about the incident.  After thorough investigations by restaurant’s insurance company it was revealed that the woman cooked the white rat in a microwave before planting it in her lunch in the restaurant. But restaurant denied the use of any microwave in the restaurant, after this revelation Miller was arrested after three months.  This establishment has been providing restaurant jobs for years. She will be kept in the lock up for four years on probation. Defense attorney Edmund Jelinski however, said it seems Miller has some mental problems because of spending life from abuse.  Even demand of so many bucks in the first instant is the case of mental illness because she demanded “Five hundred thousand dollars, which is a delusion of grandeur.  Further investigations on the part of police revealed that Miller purchased the rat a few days ago before the incident.  At the instance of one of their cooks, the owners of restaurant Bob and Jessica Doller kept the rat in their custody after the extortion attempt and they were lucky enough the truth was exposed by their insurance company.


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