Guilty Verdict in Border Officer Killing

A Mexican teenager, Christian Daniel Castro Avarez, 17 has been found guilty of killing Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas last year.  He was sentenced to 40 years in prison by a federal court in downtown, San Diego. According to a defense attorney in San Clemente, there were around 100 Border Patrol agents present in courtroom when the sentence was announced.  Rosas 30 was killed on July 23 last year when he was lured out of his vehicle by Castro, who illegally crossed the border and tried to rob Rosas. But during the ensuing struggle the agent was ruthlessly fired at eight times all over his body. After the murder, it is believed that the suspects fled back to Mexico through a split under a border fence, which resulted in a substantial hunt on both sides of the border. Castro however, surrendered to the authorities in August at a San Diego border crossing.  Castro was charged as an adult, he confessed that he along with other tempted Castro by shaking bushes and making strange noises, the prosecutors revealed.  He was stripped of with his gun about 100 yards from the border. Rosa, the agent, has left behind a wife and two young children aged 3 and 2.  Rosa’s wife was agonized to see what is happening, and said, I am aware nothing can change what happened but please give the killer the maximum. Though Castro has got sentence for 40 years, but according to California Penal Code §190.2, if a person is found guilty of murdering the other person with special allegation, may get the death penalty.


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