Vandalism on street resulted in stabbing of an 18-year old boy

Recently a fight broke out at Bolsa Grande High School, involving several people.  According to witnesses, the fight took place on campus. It didn’t concern any after school activity. Witnesses revealed there were around five to seven people.  The fight resulted in stabbing incident in which a 17-year old boy was stabbed twice in the chest, revealed the police. The boy was immediately taken to the hospital.  He is expected to be survived. Further investigations by detectives are being carried on the incident, as to why fight took place.  According to police the fight should have some former students of the school.

It is a pity such an absurd incident took place at the campus involving ruthless students. The injured person’s family or colleagues can take the services of a defense attorney in San Clemente.  These attorneys often come from defense and prosecutorial backgrounds, which could provide complete picture or perspective on the defense of these types of serious charges. It seems people have very little knowledge about these crimes that is why they involve in such cases.  They are not aware that in California, a killing even if it is not intentional can be described as a first-degree murder, even if it occurred during robbery, arson, rape, carjacking, kidnapping etc.  This could also be described as the felony-murder rule. If caught in this first degree murder case a sentence of 25 years of life in prison could be awarded. If a person uses firearm to commit crime like murder or any other felony a sentence from 3 to 10 years could be awarded.


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