20-year old Santa Clara man shot dead at a busy intersection

A ruthless incident at East San Jose parking lot at a shopping centre at the busy intersection of Story and King Roads, recently resulted in a death of 20-year old Santa Clara man informed Dirk Parsons, Police Spokesman of San Jose. According to witnesses the incident happened when the victim was walking in the parking lot, when a car came cruising slowly, shooting the victim from a close range hitting the victim. The car sped off immediately after the incident. As of now, there is no clue available regarding how many people were there in the car and about the description of the vehicle. The report of shooting incident came around 2:56 a.m. of the day. The victim died instantly at the lot. No motive behind murder is known and no information is available regarding the gang involved in the shooting. Police has requested people to divulge any information available to the San Jose Police about the incident. It is a pity that this terrible incident seems to be occurred due to a possible rivalry.

According to a criminal defense attorney in Dana Point, the act of murder has been defined as causing death to other person with malice aforethought. If found guilty, persons engaged in murder could get life in prison. It would also depend on the case for which murder took place; it would have also to be decided whether the conviction is for first or second degree murder and what were the circumstances which led to the heinous crime.


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