Man shot outside San Diego home

An unprovoked assault on a man resulted in severe injury to the victim. According to reports an unidentified man was shot in the neck when he along with another person were talking outside the victim’s home in the Sweetwood Street near Benson Avenue, Encanto neighborhood on 08 June, 2010 at 9:30 p.m. The shooter appeared abruptly in front of the victim and fired several shots from his .22 caliber gun.  After striking the bullet at the victim the shooter and his accomplice ran away from the scene. The victim’s companion however, escaped from injuries. But the victim was taken to the hospital and is hoped to be survived. No further details have been divulged by the police.

Under the common laws of the courts, murder is said to be the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought. In criminology, the term malice aforethought has a separate meaning; it is a level of planned or recklessness which separated murder from other killings and contain stiffer punishment if a person found guilty of the crime. A person who is declared convicted of a particular murder may lead several years of his/her life in prison with no possibility of Parole or death. Sometime these sentences can be reduced with the help of a good criminal defense attorney in San Juan Capistrano. Various states in California use the definition of implied malice in an effort to describe an unintentional killing as murder because the defendant tries to do serious bodily injury which is an act of recklessness. For example, when an aggressor punches a victim in the nose, with an intention to injure him her, but instead the person dies of punch it could be case of murder.


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