Two Long Beach teens arrested for assault

Two Long Beach teens around 15 year old girls were found guilty and charged with the offence of beating their 16 year old classmate last month, announced, Jane Robison, a Los Angeles County District Attorney’s spokeswoman. Both the suspects appeared before a pre-trial hearing at the Long Beach Superior Court’s Juvenile Division. Jane Robison said that both individuals admitted the petition against them was correct. The name of these two individuals along with the minor victim is withheld due to the fact that all these individuals are minor. The two teens were accused of beating and attacking the 16 year old victim.  The victim also belonged to the Long Beach and was attacked near the 11th Street and Long Beach Boulevard around 7:20 p.m. on May 5. According to her attorney in San Juan Capistrano,  as she was walking south on Long Beach Boulevard when one of the suspects attacked and beat her. She managed to escape and was walking near Seventh Street and Nebraska when the second suspect jumped at her and assaulted with a sharp object. As she was bleeding profusely, when her family took her to the local hospital where police as summoned. LBPD officers then were able to arrest the two teens on suspicion of assault through a deadly weapon and a case of attempted to murder was recorded. The girl who attacked the victim with sharp object was charged with two counts one for using deadly weapon causing body injury and one count for each attack and the other count of witness or victim intimidation. The duo was instantly sentenced to three months in the Los Angeles County probation camp system.


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