Gang Rivalry Resulted in the Death of a 15 Year Old

A shooting incident at long Beach which is considered to be a case of gang shooting resulted in the death of a 15 year old long Beach boy on 27 June 2010. According to long Beach Police Department the shooting occurred at around 6:25 a.m. at the 1400 block of Gaviota Avenue. The boy has been identified as Brian Balderrama, who suffered multiple gunshot wounds to his torso, police informed. Balderrama was badly injured in the melee and was taken to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. No information about suspect is available presently. Further investigations are going on in the case. But police has termed the incident as a gang rivalry case. According to California Penal Code Section 187, commitment of murder is an act of causing death of another person by unlawful means is unjustified with “malice aforethought”. The first degree of murder is committed through deliberation and premeditation while the second degree murder is committed out of blind or reactive rage. The cause of the murder would be known after further investigation. The punishment for murder according to California law is life in prison. The parole depends on the nature of conviction and whether it was a first or second degree murder.

If the murder turns out to be a case of mistaken identification, accident, self-defense or justifiable homicide a  Dana Point criminal defense attorney could be hired for further investigations in the case.  But remember if the killing was unintended consequence of the crime, in which death has already occurred the felony can be charged with First Degree murder.


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