San Clemente Marine Charged with Felony DUI

Andrew Stueber, 25 who is a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton has been charged with vehicular manslaughter. The case relates to an alcohol-related crash which took place in August 2009 in San Clemente, in which a fellow Marine was killed, while two others were injured. Andrew did crime i.e. manslaughtering with gross negligence as he was intoxicated. Besides he also injured two other fellow Marine. If convicted he faces 12 years in state prison. According to a news release, the incident occurred on August 1, 2009, when Andrew was in intoxicated state.  He drove a Ford Mustang around 2 a.m. after drinking heavily along with his friend Goodys Tavern in San Clemente states a news release from the Orange County District Attorney’s office.

According to prosecutors Andrew was driving at 70 mph in a 35 mph zone with friends Edmund Vandecasteele 22, Robert Nichols, 22 and Kyle Nance, 21 as they were passengers in Avenida Vista Montana car. During the crash Vandecastelle who was in the front passenger seat died on the spot because of multiple traumatic injuries. The other two co-passengers who were on the back seat sustained cuts and injuries. Steueber was taken to hospital with head injuries and was treated for head trauma. He was found to have a blood/alcohol level of .09 percent after about two hours of crash. The legal alcohol limit for driving in California is however, .08.

According to Police Sergeat Jack Anderson, during these types of cases do not plead guilty to a DUI without consulting an San Clemente defense attorney first. He further said there are too many defenses to just plead guilty.


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