Child Finds A Weapon, Causes Tragic Death

The accidental shot from a 9-year-old North Hills boy in which his 02-year-old brother died, is unquestionably a tragic accident. According to Los Angeles police this bizarre incident took place on July 09 at about 5:50 p.m. The single gunshot wound was found to the upper torso of the boy. The boy, who was shot at, was taken to the hospital where he died after sometime. The 9-year old boy disclosed to the detectives that he accidentally shot his brother with a loaded firearm. After the incident the neighbors told police that this family came to the area only two weeks back, and they didn’t see any outside person entering or walking their house. The neighbors seemed to be shattered by this incident, so much so that they didn’t show any interest talking about this rare incident One of the neighbors Kenny Carillo when asked to throw some light on the incident, he plainly said “Not now”. The other neighbor said” I couldn’t sleep last night, after recalling this incident throughout the night”. It was a bad luck on the part of the family.

A defense attorney in San Juan Capistrano specializing in  criminal law, even if a person unintentionally causes the death of another person could also be charged with murder due to the depraved-heart theory. By Depraved­heart murder it means killing resulting from the gross negligence. For example, if a person accidentally shoots someone, he may be charged with murder under the depraved-heart theory for displaying gross negligence in handling the shotgun, if the Negligence is proved in the incident.


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