Glendale Healthcare Fraud Defense

No country in the world can escape from Healthcare frauds. It also holds true for the city of Los Angeles.  Take for example the case of a Glendale man who was running a healthcare scam, when arrested he was found in possession of diverse identities of doctors. With these fake identities he submitted approximately six thousand insurance counterfeit claims in respect of 800 Medicare patients in Los Angeles. He has been sentenced to five years in state prison for doing this illegal act.  With his fraudulent he collected $50,000 in different bank accounts and transferred this money to his associates in Armenia. This fraudulent man has also been asked to pay $50,000 in restitution.  He would be placed on supervised probation when he gets out of jail.  These types of cases are hard to fight; only a Criminal Defense Attorney can represent and help solve the case according to the law of the land.  The Attorney knows the difference between prison and freedom. If this person in the fraud case has hired a Criminal Defense Attorney such as a San Clemente lawyer you can defend and reduce the sentence. Only Criminal Defense Attorney knows how to deal with a particular situation.

If we look back at the history, why people commit healthcare fraud, it should be known that the main reason behind healthcare fraud is bankruptcy.  People who go bankrupt have to undergo situations like intense medical bills and other healthcare issues. Those who participate in these types of healthcare fraud can face jail, fines, loss of medical licenses, if any, restitution etc. Doctors and nurses, surgeon, medical biller or any other healthcare professional if found having links with fraudulent people may lose their jobs.


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