Orange County Criminal Charge Definitions

California criminal law is based on the criminal law of U.S. However there are some procedural as well as substantive differences between the ways the California and U.S Federal Government prosecutes the violation of the criminal laws. In order to curb crime and bad practices the lawmakers of California has devised a sound and powerful legal system.

California criminal law defines crime as an act omitted or committed with violation of law commanding or forbidding it that can be punished upon conviction with either fine, death, imprisonment, removal of office etc. Californian criminal law defines crime in three categories including Felonies, Infractions and Misdemeanors etc.

Infractions are not a crime according to the California criminal law. A person who has been issued infraction is subjected to only fine or removal from public office. He or she will not face imprisonment in case of infraction issued to him.

Misdemeanors- If a person is found punishable under this crime then he may face imprisonment in a detention facility or a city jail for a period not exceeding one year. Barring a few cases, a misdemeanor is punishable by a six month imprisonment and/or fine not exceeding a thousand dollars.

Felonies- These are serious or heinous crimes that can be punished by imprisonment or death. A person who is convicted under this crime may also be granted probation instead of the usually prison sentence. In addition to punishment, fines can also be imposed on the convict.

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