Two Long Beach teens arrested for assault

Two Long Beach teens around 15 year old girls were found guilty and charged with the offence of beating their 16 year old classmate last month, announced, Jane Robison, a Los Angeles County District Attorney’s spokeswoman. Both the suspects appeared before a pre-trial hearing at the Long Beach Superior Court’s Juvenile Division. Jane Robison said that both individuals admitted the petition against them was correct. The name of these two individuals along with the minor victim is withheld due to the fact that all these individuals are minor. The two teens were accused of beating and attacking the 16 year old victim.  The victim also belonged to the Long Beach and was attacked near the 11th Street and Long Beach Boulevard around 7:20 p.m. on May 5. According to her attorney in San Juan Capistrano,  as she was walking south on Long Beach Boulevard when one of the suspects attacked and beat her. She managed to escape and was walking near Seventh Street and Nebraska when the second suspect jumped at her and assaulted with a sharp object. As she was bleeding profusely, when her family took her to the local hospital where police as summoned. LBPD officers then were able to arrest the two teens on suspicion of assault through a deadly weapon and a case of attempted to murder was recorded. The girl who attacked the victim with sharp object was charged with two counts one for using deadly weapon causing body injury and one count for each attack and the other count of witness or victim intimidation. The duo was instantly sentenced to three months in the Los Angeles County probation camp system.


Man shot outside San Diego home

An unprovoked assault on a man resulted in severe injury to the victim. According to reports an unidentified man was shot in the neck when he along with another person were talking outside the victim’s home in the Sweetwood Street near Benson Avenue, Encanto neighborhood on 08 June, 2010 at 9:30 p.m. The shooter appeared abruptly in front of the victim and fired several shots from his .22 caliber gun.  After striking the bullet at the victim the shooter and his accomplice ran away from the scene. The victim’s companion however, escaped from injuries. But the victim was taken to the hospital and is hoped to be survived. No further details have been divulged by the police.

Under the common laws of the courts, murder is said to be the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought. In criminology, the term malice aforethought has a separate meaning; it is a level of planned or recklessness which separated murder from other killings and contain stiffer punishment if a person found guilty of the crime. A person who is declared convicted of a particular murder may lead several years of his/her life in prison with no possibility of Parole or death. Sometime these sentences can be reduced with the help of a good criminal defense attorney in San Juan Capistrano. Various states in California use the definition of implied malice in an effort to describe an unintentional killing as murder because the defendant tries to do serious bodily injury which is an act of recklessness. For example, when an aggressor punches a victim in the nose, with an intention to injure him her, but instead the person dies of punch it could be case of murder.

20-year old Santa Clara man shot dead at a busy intersection

A ruthless incident at East San Jose parking lot at a shopping centre at the busy intersection of Story and King Roads, recently resulted in a death of 20-year old Santa Clara man informed Dirk Parsons, Police Spokesman of San Jose. According to witnesses the incident happened when the victim was walking in the parking lot, when a car came cruising slowly, shooting the victim from a close range hitting the victim. The car sped off immediately after the incident. As of now, there is no clue available regarding how many people were there in the car and about the description of the vehicle. The report of shooting incident came around 2:56 a.m. of the day. The victim died instantly at the lot. No motive behind murder is known and no information is available regarding the gang involved in the shooting. Police has requested people to divulge any information available to the San Jose Police about the incident. It is a pity that this terrible incident seems to be occurred due to a possible rivalry.

According to a criminal defense attorney in Dana Point, the act of murder has been defined as causing death to other person with malice aforethought. If found guilty, persons engaged in murder could get life in prison. It would also depend on the case for which murder took place; it would have also to be decided whether the conviction is for first or second degree murder and what were the circumstances which led to the heinous crime.

Vandalism on street resulted in stabbing of an 18-year old boy

Recently a fight broke out at Bolsa Grande High School, involving several people.  According to witnesses, the fight took place on campus. It didn’t concern any after school activity. Witnesses revealed there were around five to seven people.  The fight resulted in stabbing incident in which a 17-year old boy was stabbed twice in the chest, revealed the police. The boy was immediately taken to the hospital.  He is expected to be survived. Further investigations by detectives are being carried on the incident, as to why fight took place.  According to police the fight should have some former students of the school.

It is a pity such an absurd incident took place at the campus involving ruthless students. The injured person’s family or colleagues can take the services of a defense attorney in San Clemente.  These attorneys often come from defense and prosecutorial backgrounds, which could provide complete picture or perspective on the defense of these types of serious charges. It seems people have very little knowledge about these crimes that is why they involve in such cases.  They are not aware that in California, a killing even if it is not intentional can be described as a first-degree murder, even if it occurred during robbery, arson, rape, carjacking, kidnapping etc.  This could also be described as the felony-murder rule. If caught in this first degree murder case a sentence of 25 years of life in prison could be awarded. If a person uses firearm to commit crime like murder or any other felony a sentence from 3 to 10 years could be awarded.

Father and Son duo Charged with Felony Insurance Fraud, Perjury

If you intend to increase your troubles and problems by lying to the police and also to your insurance company you are boosting a criminal activity. Recently father and son duo viz., Mario Garcia, 44 and his son Mario Franklin Garcia, 21 of San Jose, self-surrendered at Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office located in San Jose. This arrest was announced by Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner.  According to a criminal defense attorney in Dana Point, they would be charged with a misdemeanor count of hit and run. The duo’s fault was reporting wrong information about the loss of their vehicle 2003 Mustang Cobra. Mario Franklin Garcia reported that their said vehicle had been stolen on July 11, 2009.  Their vehicle was found extensively damaged by the CHP on July 11 which was crashed into a concrete barrier on Sierra Road in San Jose.

After this both father and son immediately filed an automobile insurance claim, the vehicle was valued at $16,000 when they filed the claim.  During the claim process Mario Franklin Garcia allegedly informed the insurers that on July 10, 2009 he watched a movie with his girlfriend at the Century Theaters in the Great Mall.  It is from here the vehicle was stolen; Mario also revealed in a hurry he also left the keys inside the vehicle.

But when the investigations took place it was found that on the night of July 10, Mario Franklin Garcia had crashed the vehicle into a cement barrier on Sierra Road.  On hearing the news his father picked up the son and drove towards Great Mall in Milpitas and filed a complaint regarding loss of vehicle.  According to Insurance Commissioner around 2,800 insurance fraud related arrests have taken place by CDI since the new commissioner took office in 2007.

Guilty Verdict in Border Officer Killing

A Mexican teenager, Christian Daniel Castro Avarez, 17 has been found guilty of killing Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas last year.  He was sentenced to 40 years in prison by a federal court in downtown, San Diego. According to a defense attorney in San Clemente, there were around 100 Border Patrol agents present in courtroom when the sentence was announced.  Rosas 30 was killed on July 23 last year when he was lured out of his vehicle by Castro, who illegally crossed the border and tried to rob Rosas. But during the ensuing struggle the agent was ruthlessly fired at eight times all over his body. After the murder, it is believed that the suspects fled back to Mexico through a split under a border fence, which resulted in a substantial hunt on both sides of the border. Castro however, surrendered to the authorities in August at a San Diego border crossing.  Castro was charged as an adult, he confessed that he along with other tempted Castro by shaking bushes and making strange noises, the prosecutors revealed.  He was stripped of with his gun about 100 yards from the border. Rosa, the agent, has left behind a wife and two young children aged 3 and 2.  Rosa’s wife was agonized to see what is happening, and said, I am aware nothing can change what happened but please give the killer the maximum. Though Castro has got sentence for 40 years, but according to California Penal Code §190.2, if a person is found guilty of murdering the other person with special allegation, may get the death penalty.

A dead rat helped woman, get jail, probation

Sometimes making quick bucks through fraudulent practices can land a person in dilemma.  The same case happened with an Appleton woman named Debbie Miller, who tried to extort $500,000 from a reputed and chic Grand Chute restaurant through corrupt practices.  A defense attorney in San Clemente while sentencing remarked the incident as “crazy and outlandish”.  Miller, 43 got a super idea to make quick money when she planted a rat in her lunch on April 17, 2008.  She demanded money from the restaurant for keeping quiet and alerting the media about the incident.  After thorough investigations by restaurant’s insurance company it was revealed that the woman cooked the white rat in a microwave before planting it in her lunch in the restaurant. But restaurant denied the use of any microwave in the restaurant, after this revelation Miller was arrested after three months.  This establishment has been providing restaurant jobs for years. She will be kept in the lock up for four years on probation. Defense attorney Edmund Jelinski however, said it seems Miller has some mental problems because of spending life from abuse.  Even demand of so many bucks in the first instant is the case of mental illness because she demanded “Five hundred thousand dollars, which is a delusion of grandeur.  Further investigations on the part of police revealed that Miller purchased the rat a few days ago before the incident.  At the instance of one of their cooks, the owners of restaurant Bob and Jessica Doller kept the rat in their custody after the extortion attempt and they were lucky enough the truth was exposed by their insurance company.